Where can I get tickets?

You can buy your tickets online: www.kentunion.co.uk/loveitkent, from Unique.

 Standard tickets go on sale 7th May 2014.


How much will my ticket cost?

Early bird ticket – £30

Kent Union student staff ticket – £30

Woolf College resident – £30

UofK student – £37.50

UofK alumni – £37.50

Guest – £40

 Please ensure you purchase the correct ticket, as they will be stamped. You will need to bring proof of age ID to the event.


Is there a limit on the number of tickets I can buy?

The answer is yes!

  • Kent Union student staff can buy one reduced price ticket
  • UofK Students can buy unlimited tickets (all ticket holders MUST have UofK student ID)
  • UofK Alumni can buy one ticket per person
  • Guest tickets  - one per guest or one per UofK student


When and where do I collect my ticket(s)?

Monday 2nd June through to Saturday 7th June (11am to 4pm) at The Venue


I’m a Medway student, where do I buy and collect my ticket(s)?



Can I bring a guest?

In short – yes! So long as they are over 18. They need to create a guest account on the website and purchase a Guest Ticket. Guests must show proof of age ID (drivers license/passport) and be signed in by a you. Non- students MUST be accompanied by a UofK student – one guest only  per student.


I’m a student, but not at Kent. Can I come?

Yes we welcome all students to the party! Make yourself a Guest account on our website and buy your ticket. You’ll need your student card and some proof of age ID at the door.


I’m Kent Alumni, can I come?

Yes! We’d love to see you. Make yourself a Guest account on our website. Please email kentunion@kent.ac.uk BEFORE you purchase your ticket, with proof of your Alumni status. We’ll add you to the approved alumni list so you can purchase your ticket online or from Unique. You MUST bring age ID and proof of being an Alumni to the event.


I’m a Kent Union student staff member, where can I buy my ticket?

You can purchase your ticket from Mandela Reception only, at the reduced price of £30. You must bring proof that you are a current Kent Union staff member.  You may only buy one ticket for yourself at this price. You MUST bring age ID and proof of being a staff member to the event.


I live in Woolf College and would like to take advantage of the reduced ticket price, where do I buy my ticket?

You can buy your ticket from Mandela only, you must bring proof that you live in Woolf College. You MUST bring age ID and proof of being a Woolf College resident to the event

I’ve lost my ticket, what can I do?

Remember the last place you saw it? We can’t refund or replace any lost tickets I’m afraid. Our fire capacities are strict.


What is the dress code?

Anything goes!


Ummmm… what time does the event start, and what time does it end?

It starts at 6pm and ends at 2am.


Will there be taxis or transport?

Taxis will be outside the event but we suggest you book!


Can I pay for food and drinks with card or cash at the event?

Cash only.


Is there a cash point inside the venue?

No, there is not, so make sure you grab your cash before you enter. You will not be allowed to re-enter the site once you leave.